About Us

For many in online retail business the words OFFER/DICOUNTS!!! Have the same effect as a red light in traffic at 12 noon. To put it simply you either stop or get caught and pay the hefty fine later. Whether looking for a gift or stock for your online retail outlet, any site with the words discount, offer, reduced prices, closing sale, etc is the ideal place to begin.

Discountsproduct.com Objective and Vision

Like any business we are seeking to satisfy a growing niche market especially in Asia, India and parts of the developing world. There are many small business people in these areas that rely on discounted products. Unfortunately though these people are unable to find the discounts they need just based on the sheer volume of offers and sites to go through with updates every hour. It is just not possible unless some external entity performs this on your behalf – this is the role of our online store.

It is not enough to find the deals and list them, it is just as important to refresh them constantly and verify the suppliers on your behalf. We take time to constantly refresh our product listing with new and trendy items that will fly off your shelves. We also go to great lengths to call and email all our listed product suppliers. This is especially important to follow up on incidents that arise with orders – you will be surprised to find that delays are often unintentional. In many cases they happen owing to minor errors – leaving you to deal with the nightmare. Just getting caught up in traffic the day before a holiday is enough to lose clients – unless you have adequate contact info and get in touch in good time.

Discountsproduct.com – Our Specialization?

We have none.

Our purpose is to respond to what our clients need. Because of this if we receive 100 enquiries for lady’s sleepwear then that becomes our top priority. Nevertheless, we have software and systems that can pull information about just about any domestic product you would find on eBay, Amazon or Alibaba. Our website is responsive and can be used just as well on mobile devices; we have a member’s area for regular clients, consider registering as this gives us an opportunity to alert you when we find even better products or offers.

The website also has a blog that is useful for newcomers/prospective store owners and experienced retailers interested in sharing knowledge with other retailers. There are numerous payment and shipping options. We look forward to doing business with you @ discountsproduct.com in 2017 and beyond…